In recent years American business has discovered that the decisions determined in the corporate boardroom are decisions which must ultimately be defended when challenged by minority shareholders, consumers, regulatory authorities, employees, and third-party claimants in litigation.

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Studies conducted by both the American Bar Association and the United States Chamber of Commerce have concluded that approximately eighty-five percent (85%) of all corporate litigation could have been avoided had decisions been made in the boardroom with the assistance of legal counsel. These litigation exposures can be substantially reduced with counsel’s assistance in the drafting and preparing of accurate corporate minutes, the development of personnel policies and procedures, the proper implementation of state and federal mandated policies and practices, and the careful drafting of contracts.

Effective communication between management and its legal advisers is an issue which Mozingo & Patel believes to be of paramount importance. It is the firm’s objective to minimize the business client’s exposure to litigation while providing cost-effective legal services.

Mozingo & Patel has invested in and is committed to utilizing current technology and computerization in an effort to significantly reduce the cost of corporate legal services for its clients. This commitment has proven to substantially reduce its clients’ transactional legal expenses.

The firm’s contemporary management approach provides the opportunity for business growth, with assurance that the business is conducted properly within the bounds of permissible law.